Frequently asked questions

How can I get in touch?

Our offices are currently closed; but you can still get advice Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 12:30 pm and then again 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm through our advice line 0300 1233 233 or email us by clicking here

Can I still get help if I need a form completed?

Yes, we will help you to complete your form. Call us on 03001233233 and our advisors will make a telephone appointment for you. We would encourage you to have your forms submitted as soon as possible and our advisors will discuss the pros and cons of returning review forms immediately.

What happens if I need a food voucher?

If you need a food voucher, call our advice line and an email referral will be made to your local food back. We will also check to see if there any other benefits you may be able to claim.

Can I still get help with writing a letter?

Yes, we can help you with that over the phone or by email.

Can I still get help with phoning the benefit agency as my situation is very confusing?

You do not have to deal with your problem on your own. Speak to one of our advisers to see what arrangements can be made for us to be able to help you.

I am from outside Belfast and need advice. I had difficulty getting in touch with my local advice service. Can you help?

Although we are primarily a Belfast based service, during Covid-19 crisis we are helping everyone no matter where you live in Northern Ireland. Feel free to contact us for advice.

Can I get help on problems other than COVID-19

Yes of course you can. We can advise on most issues like Housing, Family, Health, Consumer and much more. If you are in any doubt just call us.