How you can help

You can train to volunteer at reception, be an adviser or get involved in campaigning but we are always open to developing new roles that means we can help more people. 


If you think you have some skills that can help, contact us.

What you can do

You can donate to help us make a difference. Our services are free but we have substantial costs to meet, staff and volunteer costs, rent, heat and light – your donation really helps keep the services going in your local area - no amount is too small.

How we help

We can give you the knowledge to help you fight your corner and move a difficult situation forward or act on your behalf if it helps.

If you need help with a debt problem or a social security tribunal we will put you in touch with our specialist advisors.


Volunteer for Advice Space

Volunteering roles available are:

Advisers, Campaigners, Fundraisers, Receptionists, Social media, Trustees, Digital Assistants, Web Chat Advisors puts you at the heart of Advice Space.

Advice Space Partners


 We believe in working in partnerships

With other organisations to deliver effective services to people when they most need it. Partnerships between statutory, private and voluntary organisations enable us to provide innovative advice solutions and add value to your existing services. 


Find an Advice Space Centre near you

Advice Space

208 Andersonstown Road

Belfast, BT11 8EB

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Advice Space

40-44 Duncarin Gardens

Belfast, BT15 2GG

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Advice Space

77a Springfield Road

Belfast, BT12 7AB


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Advice Space

The Arches Health Centre

1A West Minster Avenue

Belfast, BT4 1NS

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Advice Space

Spectrum Centre 

331-333 Shankill Road

Belfast, BT13 3AB

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Advice Space

Merrion Business Centre

58 Howard Street

Belfast, BT1 6PJ

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