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Want to make a difference?

Volunteer for Advice Space!

Volunteering Roles Available


Advisers are the backbone of everything we do, they are people who give up their time to help people access the information they need to improve their situation.  This role works best for someone who sees working with us as something they want to do long term.

Phone Triage.

You will be the the first point of contact for clients when they call us for advice. You will take their personal details and then transfer the call to the advisor. You will require good communication and 

listening skills. 


Receptionists are the first point of contact for the many people who get in touch with Advice Space, they set the tone for how a client feels about us.  In so many ways they add value, a smile, a helping hand and a presence that makes clients feel relaxed and at ease in our offices.

Benefit Application Advisor

75% of our work is Benefits related. We need volunteers to train so that they can assist clients complete benefit forms. This is a rewarding role as you will be helping clients claim the benefits to which they are entitled and increasing their income so that they are able to cope with everyday costs.  



Campaigners stand up for people’s rights. They are involved in lobbying (making contact with those who create policies) and working with the media to fight for your rights.  This role suits people who are self motivated and passionate – you need to spend a lot of time talking to advisers and clients to understand their frustrations when things appear to be working against the

Social Media

Volunteers in social media use online platforms like Facebook and Twitter to grow the Advice Space network and promote its message.  Self motivated, trustworthy, tech savvy and creative with a passion for people and their rights will mean that you can make a difference where its needed.

Complete our volunteer application form below. You should answer all questions. All information submitted will be treated as confidential. 


Thank you for your interest!

Volunteer for Advice Space - the charity for your community

Volunteer Application Form
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