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We can still help you with Benefit Forms

As a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) how do you get help to complete your benefit claim forms?

Here at Advice Space it’s important to us that you get the right help and support you need. Benefit claim forms can be complicated and confusing and we want to reduce any unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Normally you are allowed one month to return most claim forms for benefits. These include Personal Independence Payment (PIP), ESA50’s, UC50’s, DLA and Attendance Allowance forms. Due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) this time frame has now been extended to three months.

Although we are unable to see people face to face we will help you complete your forms over the phone.

When you first contact us the advisor who is taking your call will give you the name of the advisor who will fill in your form. The advisor will also provide the address to forward the form to.

The advisor who is completing your form will contact you once the form is received and make an appointment to complete the form over the phone. The advisor can then send the claim form directly to the benefits agency

It’s important to get all the help that you’re entitled to.

You can find more information about what we do on our website

Advice Line 03001233233



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